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The all-new Capsol-TSR Overnight Kit contains one bottle of Capsol-TSR and one bottle of Capsol-T which allows the patient to sleep uninterrupted for 8 hours.

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is a product consisting of food grade decaffeinated green tea concentrate and a food grade Capsicum powder (from a mild chili-type pepper) in an optimum ratio giving an approximately 100-fold synergy compared to green tea alone.

One 350 mg capsule of CAPSOL-T® has been shown in laboratory studies to be equivalent to drinking 16 cups of green tea but without the liquid and without the caffeine (D. J. Morré and D. M. Morré (2003) Synergistic Capsicum tea mixtures with anticancer activity. J. of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 55:987-994).

CAPSOL-T® has been voluntarily evaluated in patients, and is reported to be safe and effective.
(D. J. Morré and D. M. Morré (2006) research).


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